Quality doesn’t happen by accident.

“It has always been unbearable for me to imagine that someone could inspect one of my products and find it inferior in any way. For this reason, I have constantly tried to deliver only products that withstand the closest scrutiny — products that are, so to speak, the best of the best.”

– Robert Bosch

Quality is free.

“It is less expensive to do it right the first time than to pay for rework and repairs”

– Philip Crosby

RTA Positioning

Quality evolution – zero defect culture

Goal: ZeD - Zero escape Defects

inline with your fast paced, agile, CI/CD culture!


  • Domain and customer
    centered test design
  • Test execution fully integrated to
    CI/CD pipeline

Achieve near 100% test coverage of what matters to the business


  • ‘Shift-left in hours’, usually
    takes weeks
  • ‘Automation beyond 90%’ saves significant costs for the overall test efforts

save costs (50% +) and reduced test cycle time (10x or more)

Human-Robot fusion

  • Achieve testing to match devOps speed
  • Bring defect escape ratio to near-zero

no-code automation drives speed and reduced cost, while human domain knowhow is essential for right quality

We guarantee the following benefits:

  • Quality improvement — automation coverage increased to 70-80% (normally 20-40%). A significant increase in test automation coverage delivering high quality.
  • Speed up test execution cycles enabling faster market release.

  • Provide the know-how to handle FDA regulatory authorities, specifically quality standards.

  • Save cost by eliminating the need for automation engineers.

  • Humans monitor the automation engine where our “engine” is learning (ML).

Our RTA tool runs on premises:

workstation/desktop, client server, web, and cloud-based systems.

Who are we: expertise and experience

Customer-Centric Continuous Testing

  • Developed techniques to identify and monitor key quality indicators in large scale product / platform development

  • Shift-left testing concepts in bringing customer-centric feedback as early as possible in development cycle

  • Developed expertise in integrating the customer-centric continuous testing (CCT) into CI/CD DevOps pipeline

Platform and AI development

  • Deep expertise of developing internet scalable systems leveraging both Edge and Cloud platforms

  • Early adaptors (2014) of AI technology, built real world systems in medical domain that qualified both FDA, CE

  • More than 1 decade experience in exploring and developing no-code automation concepts & technology

High reliable and safety critical industry experience

  • More than 2 decades of experience in delivering product innovations

  • Deep expertise and experience in Industry and Medical domains

  • Delivered zero-defect products several times to global markets

  • Good experience in meeting the safety and quality needs of several global regulatory bodies