To help build Reliable AI Systems

High precision automation driven by domain expert’s insight

Muffins combines the best of manual and automated testing worlds. Help you gain tremendous speed, while delivering the highest quality with the lowest possible cost

Prepare to Accelerate – Seamlessly Integrate & Optimize

Help baseline the current quality engineering maturity and cocreate with you in achieving the desired quality goals. We do this by analyzing, harmonizing, integrating and optimizing from multiple perspectives, People, Process, Technologies, Tools and Reports. This helps in Testing exceed the speed of DevOps.

Proprietary QE Assessment Maturity Model

Muffins offers a proprietary Quality Engineering (QE) assessment maturity method that will help identify and develop strategies jointly with our Domain Experts:

  • Understand your product needs, domain, process, ambitions of organization including team dynamics and as well the culture.
  • Define the reliability goals and plan to achieve them. This includes integrating with all key stages of CI/CD pipeline.
  • Develop test cases, generate defects and reports. Analyze defect root-cause and Analyze Test effectiveness.
  • Measure progress based on quantitative assessment.

Design for High Coverage – Focus on Design, Muffins does the rest

Our philosophy – achieving high quality has a strong correlation to the amount of effort you put into designing tests. We provide no-code automation approach to ensure the test teams completely focus on test design and Muffins takes care of the subsequent automation process seamlessly.

Muffins provides 100% no-code automation capability that help users in easily drafting tests with our smart text / visual editor. We adapt to your processes, environment and culture in driving the automation coverage to its limits

Design with Muffins Automation Cockpit (MAC)

Our No-Code automation approach allows on the fly compilation of test design to ensure that automation happens as you design. Helps achieve test automation coverage over 90%, while adapting to diverse test environments, fully integrated to CI/CD pipeline and as well to popular bug management tools.


MAC enables to plug-n-play with your existing environment with no outsourced platform. Seamlessly connects to your test management and bug tracking tools along with Integration to your CI/CD pipeline and others.


Design tests with intelligent MAC smart editor making it easy for users. Leverage our advanced technology to automate, design, end-to-end tests, smarter testing and real-time tracking.


MAC records user activity in real-time, enabling users to explore the application while MAC speeds up the conversion of the recordings into human-readable formal test design. With Just a single click, users can add exploratory tests to the formal test design “as-is”.

Coverage and Speed are the best with Muffins Design Platform

AI driven Self-Healing – Zero Investment on Scripts.

Muffins offers self-healing capabilities driven by smart AI engine that continuously tracks for changes of the application at test. Identifies the impact of application changes on the prior designed test cases. Provides clear recommendations to the testers/designers to review, analyze and revise the test design. The evolved application along with the healed test cases will be ready for regression. This helps in significant reduction of automation maintenance cost to the order of 70% and above.

Advanced AI-driven self-healing Technology with over 95% accuracy

  • No-code text/visual design
  • Self-healing with our smart AI engine that continuously track for changes in target application
  • Automatically swifts through 1000s of test cases to identify the change impact
  • Provides clear recommendations to the designer / testers to review and confirm the changes in ‘few clicks’
  • Apply the changes and get ready with corrected test design in ‘few minutes’
  • Trigger regression to validate the test design for the evolved application


System testing

Months -> Days

Workflow testing

Weeks -> Hours

Integration testing

Days -> Hours

Regression testing

Days -> Hours

Smoke testing

Hours -> Minutes