To help build Reliable AI Systems

Who We Are

The Brains behind Muffins are our leaders having a vision to build Reliable AI Systems

Aiming to deliver Zero-Escape-Defect (ZeD) Quality, Muffins was created harnessing the incredible experience of brilliant minds who have already delivered Zero-Escape-Defect products to global markets. Our founders create products and platforms for safety critical industries, with a profound knowledge of developing internet scalable systems, leveraging both Edge and Cloud platforms. More than a decade of exploring and developing no-code automation concepts and technology experience has enabled our leaders to build an intelligent, continuous, automated testing software – Muffins – with an integrated platform, providing an error-free testing experience for testers.

Our forte is implementing techniques to identify and monitor key quality indicators in large-scale product and platform development. We gained expertise by incorporating customer-centric continuous testing (CCT) into the CI/CD DevOps pipeline to offer a comprehensive and seamless solution, so professionals can focus on the things that matter the most — quality results.


Our key founders, after reaching what they set out to do by creating multiple ostentatious companies, went on to commit themselves to business continuity; to modernize their IT portfolios and Enterprise 4.0 capabilities set up Muffins – A GAC Company. 

At the core we have:

A technology leader who has been at the core of leadership. As a CTO, he drove the technical roadmap and implemented technology at large, multi-national, industrial and medical companies. A core member of international standards and national technical bodies, he is passionate about building zero-defect applications and products.

An Expert Quality Head obsessed with software testing. Expertise in building UI, API and performance automation solutions, frameworks, tools for products & platforms which spread across windows, web, and mobile technologies. His motto – “make software to break software!”

An R&D Leader – leading technology to business operations within product companies across USA, Germany and India. He has been driving the innovation departments of multiple businesses, with a keen focus on SaaS and emerging technologies. Interest – Business value multiplication with AI & ML.

Quality doesn’t happen by accident.

“It has always been unbearable for me to imagine that someone could inspect one of my products and find it inferior in any way. For this reason, I have constantly tried to deliver only products that withstand the closest scrutiny — products that are, so to speak, the best of the best.”

– Robert Bosch