To help build Reliable AI Systems

No Code DevTestOps

Transforming DevOps to DevTestOps with continuous customer centric automated testing

Maximize Coverage

Enable over 90% coverage with
shift-left testing to capture
more bugs
faster and earlier

Minimize Cycle Time

Reduce cycle time over 10 times to update automation scripts faster than your current Scripting

Redefine Quality

Ensure near zero – escape – defect
ratio with testing fully
integrated into your CI/CD

Why partner with us?

Accordion Content

Save time and effort by consulting those who’ve been there and done that. Leverage our deep and broad experience in building safety critical products that satisfy both FDA and CE norms and regulations.

Get concrete recommendations tailored to your goals. Utilize our experience – from software architecture and cloud platforms to AI and no-code automation concepts – to start strong and stay the course.

Onboard seamlessly on cloud, on-prem, or on hybrid cloud without disturbing your existing
tech-stack. Exit when you want with minimal impact and no vendor lock-in.

Gain speed with Muffins No Code Platform

Muffins is a 100% no-code automation platform. The generated output is in English; This essentially means that if you want to customize the generated automation output, the edits are also in plain English.

A no-code design and customization of automation gives the users tremendous speed to design the automation in lockstep with development of features. This factually helps transform your development environment from DevOps to DevTestOps. Shift-Left testing to the most optimal!

Fully Integrated to your CI/CD

Muffins seamlessly fits to your existing test ecosystem with almost no change in your test process. It integrates with your CI/CD pipeline like Jenkins, Git, ADO, and others. Muffins also integrates with your Test & Bug management tools like JIRA, ADO, ALM, Rally and many.

Muffins agent easily gets deployed to your existing test environment like Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid in a non-intrusive way for executing all your planned automated tests.

Internet Scalable to meet the demand of your Distributed Team

Muffins platform is created with internet scalable serverless distributed architecture, which means you can scale to 100s of users, test nodes deployed across the internet and ensure the tests are executed securely.

Privacy and Security

Muffins ensures that you own your data, and our automation deployment will be in your control either On-Prem or On-Cloud ensuring Data Privacy.

Muffins has fully protected user authorization and authentication modules. You will have total control over whom to give access to and provide what level of information.

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